[C.C.C. Inc.]

[Camus Computer Consulting, Inc.]
9101 river road · new orleans · louisiana · 70131

specializing in internet specific design and programming
proficient in:
html, xhtml, c, c++, c#, perl, ruby (on rails), python, php (and misc. frameworks), java, javascript (with ajax), asp.net, soap, visual basic, vbscript, turbo/power basic, coldfusion, foxbase, foxpro, clipper, pascal, fortran, lisp, ada, cobol
operating systems: 
windows, linux, unix, xenix, novell, cpm, dos
sql server, mysql, oracle, dbase, btree, odbc
corel, adobe, photoshop, flash, crystal reports, office
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explore some of our work at:
Shoot Wise
local gun and ammunition supplier serving New Orleans and its surrounding areas
Topper World(main graphic) & Topper World of Slidell
distributors of truck and suv accessories including tops, lids, and performance parts
SailRabbit BMR, TDEE and BMI Calculator
a fully responsive self contained javascript driven set of health analysis and diet tools
Global Rental AssistantS (GRAS)
a vacation rental assistant utility for property owners and renters looking for direct deals
other clients:
Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's OfficeLouisiana Office of Public HealthJerusalem Temple ShrinersThe Bar B Q PlaceTopper World of Slidell Inc.,  Sizeler Property Investors, Inc.,  Pan American Life,  Liberty Lloyds Insurance Company, Camus and Associates, Infinity Data Systems,  16th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
personal projects:
Aerlinn Angelfire aka Robin Manzella (memoriam, nostalgia)Sudden Death Fantasy Football LeagueThe Point BBS (nostalgia, defunct)The Voodoo Queen (entertainment, nostalgia)
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